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Confidentiality is important to the University of Liverpool and we want staff and students to be assured that the information they provide is treated with sensitivity and care. 

All information provided to Report and Support will be kept confidential and only the Advisors dealing with your report will see a copy. Please note if you are a student making a report for an advisor to contact you this will be a Wellbeing Advisor from Student Services. If you are a staff member the advisor will be from HR. 

However there may be certain situations where we will need to legally need to share your information. These situations will usually be due to serious concerns for your health and safety or the safety of others. In these cases we may have to share information with other people from the University or from outside organisations. Wherever possible, and where the delay would not increase the likelihood of harm, we would try to discuss this with you and seek your consent to share relevant information. However, this may not always be possible; in these circumstances we would discuss with you our reasons for sharing this information with others as soon as possible after this had taken place. These exceptional circumstances are rare and would arise only: 

·      Where there is risk of harm to yourself or others, including where there is immediate concern for your safety, when there are child protection issues or disclosure is required by law e.g. a court subpoenas records required in court or under prevention of terrorism legislation. 

·      An allegation that involves a child, young person or vulnerable adult. For further information on The University’s approach to safeguarding please see our Policy on the Safeguarding of Children, Young People and Vulnerable Adults 

·      If we are legally obliged to provide information to outside agencies we will do this in line with the Data Protection Act. 

Further information for students on confidentiality is in our confidentiality leaflet. Further information for staff on confidentiality and how The University of Liverpool uses and protects personal information that it holds about staff please see our privacy notice. 

If you are making an anonymous report you should not include any identifiable information about you or anyone else in your report. If identifiable information is provided in the report, The University of Liverpool will remove this information and it will not be stored. 


By submitting this incident form on Report and Support you are consenting to the University of Liverpool processing the data you provide, including any sensitive personal data that might be included. 

This data will be processed in accordance with the University data protection policy. For general information on data protection for staff and students please click the link here


Under the GDPR, all individuals have the right to request a copy of the personal data that The University of Liverpool holds about them. For more information please click on this link 


The University of Liverpool legal and governance pages contains legal statements, policies and procedures, contact details and intranet links for University staff. Please click here for further information. 


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